The Team Scan provides direct insight into the motivational drivers and values of your team and each team member. And provides instant insight into what you can do to increase the intrinsic motivation of your team and each indvidual team member to perform and collaborate to the best of their abilities.

Increasing the intrinsic motivation of your team starts with the question: ‘Why do my people work?’

More and more organizations show a growing interest in the degree to which employees experience fulfilment at work and are intrinsically motivated to fulfil their role. A logical and sensible strategic decision, since Rath & Harter already determined in 2010 that every euro invested in the happiness and intrinsic motivation people experience at work has a positive impact upon the employee engagement and repays itself five times over.

But how do you stimulate this biochemical system and do you ensure your people are not only capable, but also happy and engaged team members intrinsically motivated to deliver their best performance and collaborate to the best of their abilities?

The Team Scan provides direct insight into the personal and/or social drivers and values that dominate within your team. A user-friendly overview that not only helps to explain the current situation and what everyone needs to experience fulfilment and to be motivated intrinssically. But also what you can do to increase the fulfilment your team and each individual team experience at work. As well as how you strengthen their intrinsic motivation to perform and collaborate. On top of that, the overview also helps to solve and prevent emotional conflicts, to predict future behaviours, to reduce short term sickness absence, and to retain your best people.

About the Teamscan

Direct insight into the motivational drivers and values that make your team and each individual team member tick


What others say about the Teamscan…

By Joost (Facilicom) on: 10/10/2022

Scarfforce_Personal Drive Scan_recensies

Great thing to do if you want to get to know your team better and improve the collaboration within your team. As was the case with us. It is definitely recommended to discuss the results in a workshop (like we did), as this helps to implement the insights.

By David (Hilton) on 6/5/2022

Scarfforce_Recensies Personal Drive Scan

I am a Scarfforce believer since the very beginning. It measures exactly what resonates most with everyone and what makes each of us tick. The workshop we did with our MT helped us increase ouw awareness with regards to our natural strengths, our pitfalls are and what behaviour we need to stimulate or avoid in our quest to achieve our objectives. The online test delivers results that are spot on in that regard.

By Patrycja (Hilton) on 17/10/2021

Scarfforce_Recensies Personal Drive Scan

A little while ago, I asked Scarfforce to perform a scan of our MT, with the aim of getting to know each other better and to improve the collaboration. The workshop that was given by Rudmer provided many new and valuable insights in this aspect. Thanks to the exercises we did during the workshop, everyone now has a good idea of what drives us as individuals and as a collective, and how we can help each other thrive. Very useful, thank you Rudmer!

By Ralph (Short Stay Group) on: 19/08/2020

Scarfforce_Personal Drive Scan_recensies

If you want to get to know your people well, the TeamScan is highly recommended. The test was easy and fun to do, and provided us with surprisingly many relevant insights as to what motivates each and everyone of us, and what we value most. It certainly has helped me to learn what I can do to motivate my team and ensure everyone’s happiness. Very useful as I regularly see team members come and go, and this helps me to get to the core real quick and stay aligned. Even though the people in my team often come from all over world, the test was easy to do and worked well for everyone so far. 

By Jamy (Jays) on 23/11/2020

Scarfforce_Recensies Personal Drive Scan

A great and fun way to unravel the key to our intrinsic work motivation.  The overview shows exactly what each of us needs to feel happy and to be fired-up. And saves a lot of time (and frustration) in getting to the heart of the matter. Very useful!



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