Value Cards

Scarfforce fysieke waardenkaarten

Use the value cards to find out what motivates your collegaues or clients intrinsically, and to learn what you can do to increase the fulfilment and the success they experience at work and in their relationships.

Direct Insight into:

  • Personal Drivers
  • Social Drivers
  • Values


Scarfforce_physical valuecards_Direct Insight into the motivational drivers



What drives and motivates your colleagues or clients intrinsically at work?

All human behaviour is goal-oriented: we all see the world around us through the glasses of our own needs and are driven from within to satisfy these. The meaning of our behaviour can therefore only be understood when our underlying motivational drivers are known. This is also true for stimulating desired behaviour.

Retrieving the motivational drivers and revealing the strategy that employees and/or clients have developed -mostly unconsciously- over time to create certainty at work and in their working relationships, provides more insight into the engine behind the happiness and success they experience at work. It makes you aware of what they have often done unconsciously until now and how they have come to the results they achieved until now. It provides more insight into why they behave as they do, what made them feel they way they feel, and why they are or are not motivated from within (intrinsically) to give something their all.

  • Gain direct insight into what drives your clients or employees at work: What gives them a true sense of fulfilment and what motivates them intrinsically to gine something or someone their all.
  • Give your clients (or employees) valuable insights and useful tips to manage the degree to which they experience fulfilment and success in their work 
  • Create a concrete checklist you can instantly use to analyse the current situation at work: Which motivational drivers and underlying emotional needs are currently being fulfilled or remain unfulfilled? How does this affect their intrinsic working motivation to engage, the performances they deliver, the fulfilment they experience and their collaboration with others?
  • Make accurate predictions whether a situation will or will not give a client or employee true fulfilment, will or will not motivate him or her intrinsically to perform at his or her peak, and will or will bring out the very best in him or her 
  • Work in a targeted manner towards a working situation that gives optimal substance to the strongest drivers and values of your clients or employees. And that provides them with structural fulfilment and motivates them intrinsically to give it their all
Scarfforce_What makes you tick?_Value model

The fulfilment and success we experience at work strongly depends on the extend to which the current situation gives a positive substance to our strongest motivational drivers.

Physical Value Cards

A valid and fun research technique to assess and reveal the motivational drivers of your employees or clients

Our 2 or 3 strongest motivational drivers not only determine how we percieve and interpret the world we live in. They also create our deeply held beliefs about what feels ‘good’ or ‘bad’ for us, and our values based on which we decide to do something. Therefore, by assessing what we value most (and least) at work, we can find out more about what drives us, and retrieve our strongest motivational drivers. The Physical Value Cards is physical instrument and research tool you can use to instantly retrieve the strongest motivational drivers of your colleagues or clients by assessing their values.

30 universal and timeless values

The universal and timeless values that are used during this exercise find their origin in the value models of (among others) Maslow, Barrett, Rokeach, Schwarz, Reiss, Fransen, Van der Vorst and Vyncke. 

120 international and validated images

The images used on the value cards have been carefully selected out of a database with over 10.000 images, are validated extensively and internationally based on empirical research among approximately 4.500 persons, and are applicable in every country where the Western culture is dominant.

Scarfforce fysieke waardenkaarten

A complete set of physical value cards costs 175 euros including VAT and delivery costs.

The set contains:

  • 30 physical values 
  • 6 personal drivers  
  • 6 social drivers  

Scarfforce manual

Ensure best efforts

If you like to ensure yourself of a proper deployment of the Physical Value Cards, use the Scarfforce manual. In this user-friendly manual you will find everything you need to know and all the steps you need to take to retrieve and interpret the motivational drivers of your colleagues/clients. As well as how to use these insights to analyse and optimize the current situation.


  • A summary of the underlying theory and the motivational drivers that -subconsiously- drive our emotions, intrinsic motivation and behaviour at work
  • A detailed description of;
    • the exercise and all the steps you need to take to retrieve the motivational drivers of your colleagues/ clients
    • how to interpret their stongest motivational drivers, and most important values
    • the situations that fulfil these drivers and their strongest emotional needs
    • the situations that do the exact opposite
    • how these situations effect:
      • their intrinsic motivation to perform or to collaborate the best they can
      • and the happiness, fulfilment and success they experience at work
    • how to analyse and interpret the current situation at work or in a working relationship
    • how you can use this information and insights to
      • increase the happiness, fulfilment and success they experience at work
      • improve their collaboratio with others

Costs: 75 euros including VAT and delivery costs.

Intuitive Research Methodology

Usage of Calibrated images ensure an unbiased assessment of the most important values

Scarfforce Value Cards Research methodology

Neuroscientific research has shown that we humans are very bad at predicting our own behaviour. This is due to the fact that  over 90% of our behaviour is driven by emotions that come from the innermost part of our brain which we call the limbic system: A part of our brain that is visually oriented, “thinks” in images and has no capacity for language.

To ensure participants react intuitively to the values presented in the scan and to address their limbic system, we therefore use calibrated images and gamification techniques. Techniques that prevent an activation of the Neo Cortex and minimize the chance of providing socially desirable answers. And a possible bias of the scan results. Each value card contains 4 calibrated images that are carefully selected out of a database with over 5,000 reference images.


Both the value cards and the research methodology have been extensively validated based on international empirical research among over 4,500 people, and have a proven reliability of more than 95%.

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