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How motivate your staff intrinsically

Employees are the driving force behind the success of every organization. When your people are in the right place and feel good, your customers are happy and your shareholders satisfied. And when your people grow, your organization will grow too. But, how do you ensure your employees are not only capable, but also happy, engaged and motivated intrinsically to perform and to collaborate at their best?

The traditional top-down model is losing ground fast. The current generation no longer wants to be squeezed into a hierarchical structure. Forging relationships that are not based on power becomes a key skill. The new manager engages and motivates with his staff to follow him voluntarily. Successful senior managers function more and more as ‘connectors’. Not only do they forge relationships externally with clients, but also internally with his team.

A sustainable way to (structurally) increase your employees’ feelings of fulfilment and engagement therefore starts with the question: why do my people work? Today, as a manager and supervisor it is essential to be sincere and show genuine interest in the people working for you; to know what they long for and desire deep within, and to subsequently turn the correct knobs.


5 Steps to keep your staff motivated intrinsically

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1. Assess the motivational drivers of your team and every single team member

  • See at a glance what drives and motivates your team and every single team member intrinsically 
  • Reveal their subconsious emotional needs and what they need in their work and from their colleagues to feel good and experience true fulfilment
  • Learn what makes you tick as a group 
  • Analyse the differences and similarities between team members and other teams
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2. Analyse and explain the status quo 

  • Why is my team or are my team members not motivated intrinsically to perform and/or collaborate? 
  • Why does my team react and behave as it does? 
  • To what extent does the current situation or collaboration fulfil the strongest motivational drivers of my team and every single team member? 
  • Which motivational drivers and emotional needs remain unfulfilled? 
  • How does this effect their intrinsic motivation, the fulfilment they experience and the performance they deliver?
  • How does this effect the internal collaboration?
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    3. Predict the future outcome of a potential or scheduled adjustment of the working conditions

    • Make accurate predictions on what the effect will be of a potential or scheduled adjustment of the working conditions with regards to the fulfilment and  intrinsic motivation your team and staff experience at work
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    4. Evaluate and analyse what you can do differently or better

    • Evaluate to what extent the strongest motivational drivers of your team and every single team member are currently being fulfilled 
    • Reveal which motivational drivers and underlying emotional needs currently remain unfulfilled
    • Analyse how this is currently effecting the fulfilment and intrinsic motivation of your team and every team member to perform and collaborate together
    • Explore what you can do as a supervisor, team or team member to fulfil these emotional needs 
    • Monitor the development and progress
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      5. Improve your performance as a team manager

      • Increase the fulfilment your team and every single team member experiences at work 
      • Increase their intrinsic motivation to perform and their productivity by 30% on average
      • Improve the internall collaboration
      • Avoid your team and your team members of becoming demotivated and quitting on you or each other
      • Minimize short term (mental) absence
      • Increase employee retention



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