Matching on Motivational Drivers


Scarfforce_My.scarfforce_Recruitment Tool
  • Save valuable time screening and (pre)selecting candidates
  • In less than 5 minutes, learn all about their strongest motivational drivers and key values
  • Discover which questions you can ask to verify their suitability for a specific job or role you have in mind for them
  • Predict how candidate will function and perform in a specific job or role, and the extent to which this will bring true fulfilment and intrinsic work motivation
  • Support important decisions you often have to make based on your gut feeling with concrete insights
  • Improve the self-knowledge of your candidates and thus the ‘Candidate-Experience’
  • Make sure you deliver intrinsically motivated new employees and sustaineable quality
  • Deliver valuable input for drawing up the personal development plan of the new employee
  • Reduce the chance of a mismatch and a bad-hire




The Essence of matching on Motivational Drivers

Ensure a qualitative match aligning the motivational drivers of jobseekers with their future role and the ambitions of clients

How do you ensure you select the right candidate for the right role, and you match the right person to the right employer and working culture?

Contrary to age, education and prior working experience, motivational drivers have proven to be valid predictors of success when matching employers and jobseekers. Research shows that employees are happier, more engaged, perform 30% better and stay longer with the same employer when their role, main duties and the working culture fulfils their inner drive.

In other words, the more a Candidate’s new role, employer and working culture enable him or her to realize his or her own ambition and personal goals, the better and more qualitative (sustainable) the match will be.

With My.Scarfforce as a recruiter you ensure you create the best possible and most qualitative match in three simple steps:

  • Use the Search Profile Creator to create a search profile for the vacancy you are aiming to fill
  • Send the Online Drive Scan to screen potential candidates
  • Select the Search Profile and the potential candidates, and click on ‘Match’ after which you instantly see the matching results, and whose motivational drivers match the search profile best

How it works

Create a search profile, screen your candidates and select the best match

With My.Scarfforce as a recruiter you ensure you create the best possible and most qualitative (sustainable) match in three simple steps:

Step 1. Create a Search Profile

Scarfforce_My.scarfforce_Step1_Create a Search Profile

What drives your ideal candidate?

Step 2. Screen your Candidates

Scarfforce_My.scarfforce_Step 2_Screen your candidates

What are the motivational drivers of your candidates?  

Step 3. Select the best Match

Scarfforce_My.scarfforce_Step 3_Create a match

Who matches your search profile best?



Retrieving the motivational drivers of your candidates is not always easy and also costs quite a bit of valuable time. Candidates who may appear to be a perfect match based on their CV and motivation letter, are often not the ‘type’ that you are looking for as a recruiter or an employer when you meet them in real life. On the other hand, it is also difficult for jobseekers to assess if the role and the employer are a good match for them.

Optimize your toolkit

  • Create a Search Profile in a quick and simple manner
  • Use the results to create the best possible job descriptions and job advertisements
  • Use the Online Drive Scan to screen and assess the motivational drivers and values your candidates
  • See at a glance to what degree there is a match between the motivational drivers of your candidates and the search profile
  • Underpin your mostly instinctive choices with reliable and concrete insights
  • Deliver valuable input to your clients for drafting personal development plans for their new employee

Save valuable time (and budget)

  • Assess the motivational drivers of potential candidates prior prior to the interview.
  • Check on forehand whether the position/role you aim to fill matches with the personal ambition of your candidate(s).
  • Avoid spending unnecessary time on candidates who are less suitable for this position/role based on what drives them.
  • Use the assessment results as a starting point exploring, discussing and validating a candidate’s suitability.

Deliver better quality

  • Improve your recruitment process with clear and reliable insights into the motivational drivers of your candidates.
  • Make a more qualitative selection of the candidates whom you invite for an interview.
  • Make better predictions about their suitability for the postion you aim to fill, the role they need to fulfil, and the working culture.
  • Create a more sustainable (qualitative) match based on what drives your candidate(s), and both the practical requirements and long-term needs of your client(s). 
  • Increase the self-knowledge and the self-awareness of your candidates.

Monthly rates

Choose your plan to fit your needs



  • 5 Search Profiles per month
  • 10 Drive Scans per month
  • Unlimited matching

€75 per month

excluding 21% VAT

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First year for
€50 per month!

excluding 21% VAT

Serious Business


  • 15 Search Profiles per month
  • 25 Drive Scans per month
  • Unlimited matching

€150 per month

excluding 21% VAT

Jump Start Deal:

First year for
€100 per month!

excluding 21% VAT

Most popular

Big Business


  • Unlimited Search Profiles
  • 50 Drive Scans per month
  • Unlimited matching

€200 per month

excluding 21% VAT

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First year for
€150 per month!

excluding 21% VAT


What others say about My.Scarfforce… 

By Robbert (Yays) on: 2/6/2022

Scarfforce_Personal Drive Scan_recensies

Very handy tool to send out scans, monitor progress and analyse the results. It saves a lot of time. 

By Arnaut (Hilton) on 6/1/2022

Scarfforce_Personal Drive Scan_recensies

At first I was a little sceptical. And it took me some time to learn how to operate. However, I got exited rapidly after experiencing what it does. If helped me to create a better pre-selectio and saved a lot during the course of the selection process, as it pinpointed potential issues straight away.

Door Jamy (Jays) op 23/11/2020

Scarfforce_Recensies Personal Drive Scan

Very handy tool for scanning the soft skills of my candidates. We even used the app to scan the soft skills of our own team. Very user-friendly and easy to operate. Recommendable for recruiters and HR who also like to match on soft skills. 



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