Scarfforce is founded by Rudmer van der Meulen en Gijs van Blokland and based on the observation that:

  • A good understanding of what makes us tick in our work and our relationship(s) can help us:
    • To explain why we feel and behave as we do
    • To predict how we will feel, behave and perform in a different or new situation
    • To increase the happiness and success that we experience in our work and relationships
    • To control our emotions and our behaviour better
    • To increase the employee engagement and retention
    • To get the best out of yourself and others
    • To reduce conflicts
    • To enhance the internal collaboration
  • There was not any test available that is based on the most recent brain studies and the latest insights with regards to how our brain works, and that reveals which of the 5 motivational drivers govern our motivation and behaviour
  • Many of the personality tests that are available, are still not user-friendly (too long and not fun to do), while the current technology of today does enable us to develop a test that is fun to do.


Rudmer has an outgoing and enthusiastic personality and is an analytical and a creative entrepreneur with a strong passion for marketing, psychology and consumer behaviour. He never stops trying to analyze the world around him as well as situation we are in, and to understand how this affects how we feel, how we behave, and influences what choices we make. With over 10 years of experience in branding, psychology and online research, he continuously strives to take on new challenges and to find and develop new and better ways to unravel the key to what makes us tick.

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Gijs has over 15 years experience in developing innovative and smart state-of-the-art online questionnaires and online software solutions. Over the years he has helped over 1,000 organizations to conduct online research, and the collect, secure and store the online data that they collected. As no other Gijs knows the dilemma a researcher faces and the choices he has to make between keeping online research fun and making sure it is effective (qualitative, valid and reliable). His passion and expertise is to develop online solutions that guarantee both.

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Sanne may well have been the most important driving force behind the great start we had and the rapid progress we were able to make in a short amount of time. With over 10 years of experience in office management, Sanne makes sure that we have a well organized and an highly representative HQ, as well as a great place to work, where everything is you need is present and everything functions as good as a fresh start-up could possibly wish for. As no other, Sanne knows how to keep focus, to set priorities, and to make the impossible possible.

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