Increase your happiness and success at work

What if the work you do no longer feels like working…?

Scarfforce - Increase the happiness and success at work

How we spend our days is how we spend our lives. For many of us, a large part of our days is spent at work. On average we work about 85.000 hours and one third of our life. Hence it is safe to say, your job can have a huge impact on your perceived quality of life.

It therefore is of great importance to create a situation at work -or to find a new job- that makes you truly happy and that gives you an authentic form of fulfilment. A situation or a job that motivates you from within (intrinsically) to unlock your full potential and to become the very best version of yourself. 

Starting with the two most important and fundamental questions that drive the fulfillment and in the end also the success you experience at work:

  • What motivates you intrinsically to thrive in your job?
  • What can you yourself and others do for you to increase the extent to which you experience fulfilment in your job and to improve your intrinsic motivation to thrive in your role?

Intrinsic motivation is key to more happiness and success at work 

Research shows that if the job you do gives you an authentic sense of fulfilment because you have an internal desire to do it, not only do you perceive more happiness in your work, but you also perform about 3 times better because you are 30% more productive and 3 times more creative, and your sales results are easily 37% better.

But probably the biggest gain you get from this is that it transforms your job from something you only do to survive into something you find meaningful and want to do.

If the situation at work fulfils your motivational drivers and helps you to achieve your personal goals:

  • You will be more engaged and proud of what you do
  • You will do your job and perform your duties because you want to
  • You will have more fun doing it
  • You will be 30% more productive
  • You will have a higher concentration level and deliver better quality
  • You will perform better at fulfilling your role and managing your career
Scarfforce - Manage your intrinsic work motivation to thrive at work

Insight into what makes you tick helps you to master your subconsious mind 

Increasing your understanding of your motivational drivers is key to boosting the happiness and the success you experience in your work. First of all, it teaches you which personal goals and emotional needs drive your feelings and behaviour. Secondly, it functions as a specific checklist to evaluate why you do or do not experience real fulfilment and success in your work. And last but not least, it enables you to create a situation at work that truly makes you happy and that stimulates you to get the best out of yourself.

The better you know what drives you and what are your strongest motivational drivers, the better you are capable to:

  • Evaluate why you feel, behave and perform as you do, and you do or do not experience fulfilment and intrinsic motivation in your work
  • Predict what the impact will be of a (potential) alteration in your working conditions
  • Create a structural situation at work that continuously gives you fulfilment and motivates you intrinsically to perform at your peak
  • Controle your emotions and your behaviour on the work floor
  • Improve your performance
  • Manage your professional career
  • Share your emotional needs, intrinsic motivation and performance with others
  • Improve your collaboration with colleagues
Scarfforce - What drives our happiness motivation and behavior at work

Knowing and understanding your personal drivers is key to managing your intrinsic work motivation

A good knowledge and understanding of your personal drivers is key to managing the happiness and success you experience in your work because it functions as a concrete checklist to analyse and evaluate:

  • Which emotional needs are being fulfilled in the current -or a future- situation
  • How this influences -or will- influence your happiness at work as well as and your intrinsic motivation to excel
  • Why you feel, behave and perform as you do
  • What feelings, behaviours and performances are logical for you to manifest in a future situation
  • What you can do in your current situation at work to structurally increase the fulfilment and the success you experience
  • What you should pay attention to when searching for a new job

Insight into your Social Drivers is key to managing team work and work relations

In the end, everything we do, we do for ourselves. Therefore, your personal drivers and the emotional needs you seek to fulfil not only determine what makes you tick as a person, but also what drives you in your relationships at work and your collaboration with your colleagues. They decide what gives you a good or a bad feeling when you interact with someone; what attracts you and stimulates you to engage (approach response), or what pushes you away and makes you hit the brake (avoid response).

If the interaction fulfils our social drivers and underlying emotional needs, it will activate the reward system in our brain making us feel (physically) good. These situations will trigger an approach response and increase our intrinsic motivation to engage and to cooperate. However, if the social interaction or the collaboration we have with our colleagues prevents us from fulfilling our social goals, this will trigger an avoid response decreasing our willingness to engage and our intrinsic motivationto collaborate.

Analysing your social drivers not only helps to explain why a situation makes you feel good or bad in a working relationship, or does or does not motivate you from within to collaborate. It also enables you to learn what you must do to create a situation that fulfils and motivates you from within to collaborate as best as you possibly can.

Potential Gains

1. Increase your self-knowledge and your self-awareness

Scarfforce - Increase your self-knowledge and your self-awareness
  • What are my personal drivers?
  • What are my social drivers?
  • What are my values?
  • What do I long for -often subconsciously- when I am working, or when I collaborate with others?
  • What do I need to feel fulfilled and to be motivated intrinsically to perform at my peak?
  • What happens to my brain when my biggest emotional needs are fulfilled or remain unfulfilled?
  • How does this effect the performances I deliver at work, and the way I collaborate with colleagues?
  • Which situations motivate me intrinsically and stimulate me to engage in an activity because I get personal satisfaction from the process?
  • Which situations do the opposite?

2. Increase the happiness and the fulfillment you experience in your work

Scarfforce - Boost your happiness at work
  • What makes the work I do meaningful and gives me a sense of authentic fulfillment?
  • Which motivational drivers and values play a critical role in this process?
  • Which personal goals am I perceiving often subconsciously?
  • Which emotional needs are being fulfilled by my present role and key duties?
  • Which emotional needs remain unfulfilled?
  • How does this affect the happiness and fulfillment I experience at the moment?
  • What can you do to fulfill the emotional needs that up until now remained unfulfilled?

3. Improve your work performance

Scarfforce - Improve your work performance
  • What do I need emotionally and do I long for -often subconsciously- when I am working?
  • Which working conditions and situations fulfill these needs the most, trigger an approach response and boost my intrinsic work motivation?
  • What situations keep me from fulfilling these emotional needs, trigger an avoid response and decrease my work motivation?
  • Which emotional needs are currently being fulfilled?
  • Which emotional needs remain unfulfilled?
  • How does this affect my performance at work?
  • What can I do myself and my colleagues do differently or better to fulfill these unfulfilled needs, and thus to improve my intrinsic motivation to perform at my peak and to yield 30% better results?

4. Improve the collaboration within the workplace

Scarfforce - Improve employee collaboration
  • What drives each of us?
  • What is each of us looking for -deep down- when we interact with each other?
  • What gives each of us a strong sense of fulfillment when we are collaborating?
  • How do these emotional needs affect our intrinsic motivation to cooperate?
  • What can you do to help the other achieve his or her personal goals?
  • What should you both avoid?

5. Search for a new job in which the role you fulfill and the work you do no longer feel like working to you, and that motivates you intrinsically to perform at your peak

Scarfforce - Find your dream job
  • What drives you and do you need to feel fulfillment and to be motivated intrinsically to thrive in your job?
  • What are your motivational drivers and the personal goals you pursue in your professional career?
  • What kind of role suites you best?
  • What kind of key duties fit you as a glove?
  • What kind of working culture is best for you?
  • What do you need to check in order to make sure there is a good match between the goals you pursue personally and the goals you will have to achieve professionally in the position you have in mind?
  • To what extend does the position provide in your emotional needs, and will this give you a true sense of fulfillment?
  • How will this affect you intrinsic work motivation and your will to succeed in this position?



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