What makes you Tick at work?

Scarfforce - Inzicht in drijfveren - vergroot het geluk en het succes dat je in je werk ervaart

Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, and you do it because you have an intrinsic desire and drive to do it, you are 30% more productive and 3 times more successful. 

But what exactly is it, that makes you Tick at work? What is it that you -often subconsciously- long for and pursue deep down inside? What motivates you from within (intrinsically) to do something and makes you feel fulfilled when you achieve it? And, more importantly, what can you do to structurally increase the fulfilment and success you experience at work?

Scarfforce provides instant and profound insight into the motivational drivers and values that motivate you intrinsically at work. A valuable insight that helps to increase your self-knowledge about what it is you need in your work and from others to feel true fulfilment and to be motivated intrinsically. And that serves as a concrete checklist to improve your current situation at work, or to find a new job in which the role you fulfil and the work you do no longer feels like work, because you have an inner drive to do it. With happiness and success as a logical end result.

Persoonlijke drijfveren

Personal drivers

Social Drivers


Unravel the key to your inner drive

How it works

Our motivational drivers include the fundamental goals we pursue. Often subconsciously, they have a major influence on the emotions and happiness we experience in the workplace. They determine how a situation makes us feel, if it attracts you (engage) or pushes you away (disengage), how we collaborate with our colleagues, and whether or not we experience a sense of true fulfilment in our work. They even determine how we react to all of this. Ultimately, they are key to how successful we are at work.

Use the insights to master your intrinsic motivation and fulfilment

What is in it for you?

By improving your self-knowledge on what makes you tick at work, you improve your ability to actively manage your career and to make the right decisions, control your emotions, manage your intrinsic work motivation, improve your collaboration with colleagues, boost your productivity, and, ultimately, to improve your performance and to thrive at work.

For whom?


Scarfforce voor jezelf

Find a new job & Personal Leadership

Learn what you can do to improve the current situation at work, or to find a new job to find in which the role you fulfil and the work you do no longer feels like working to you, because you have an inner desire to do it. With success as a logical result. Read more…

Scarfforce voor managers en leidinggevenden

Team Management & Employee Retention

Improve the internal collaboration within your team, boost the productivity of your team with over 30%, and increase the employee retention managing and stimulating their intrinsic motivation to fulfil their role and collaborate. Read more…

Scarfforce voor trainers en coaches

Job Coaching & Consulting

Retrieve the motivational drivers of your clients by assessing their values. And use these insights as a concrete checklist to improve their current situation at work or to find a new job in which the experience more happiness and success. Read More…

Scarfforce voor HR medewerkers en recruiters

Human Resource Management (HRM) & Recruitment

Save valuable time (and budget) pre-screening (potential) candidates. And empower the choices you normally make based on your gut feeling with concrete insight into the motivational drivers of the candidate. Read more…

Scarfforce voor marketing en communicatieprofessionals

Employer Branding

Ensure you are an attractive employer for jobseekers and attracting new talent by staying aligned with their motivational drivers. Read more…

Our services


All our solutions are directed at improving your self-knowledge and increasing your self-awareness of what drives you and motivates you intrinsically at work and you coillaborate with colleagues.

Our solutions provide clear insights and practical tips, you can immediately apply to structurally increase the success and fulfilment you experience at work.

Scarfforce Waardenkaarten

Value cards

Assess the motivational drivers offline with the Value Cards. Read more…

Online Drijfveren Scan van Scarfforce voor inzicht in drijfveren

Online Drive Scan

Assess your motivational drivers and values online with the Online Drive Scan. Read more…

Team scan

Assess the motivational drivers of your team and each individual team member. Read more…

Culture Scan

Assess the motivational drivers of the organization, each department and every single employee. Read more…

Recruitment software

Assess and Match the motivational drivers of Candidates. Read more…

Certification, workshops & training

Contact us and take a deep dive into what makes you Tick with one of our experts, or organize an interactive workshop for your team. 

Our research approach

Intuitive Inquiry

The 2 or 3 motivational drivers that live strongest within us not only determine how we perceive the world and the situation around us. They also create our most deeply embedded beliefs about what feels “good” and “bad” to us. And create our own set of rules based on which we decide to do or not do something. Therefore, by assessing our values -and what we value most- we can retrieve which fundamental goals we pursue, and your strongest motivational drivers.

During the scan -which can be executed both online by means of the Online Drive Scan as well as offline with help of the value cards– your motivational drivers are being assessed by evaluating what you value most (and least) at work.



Calibrated images and time pressure minize rational answers and potential bias of the scan results.


Our solutions are continuously being tested on validaty and reliability by means of empirical research that includes over 4,500 persons. The actual accuracy of all our solutions exceed 95%.

Fun to do!

Visuals, gamification techniques and the short completion time make the scan fun to do.



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Find true fulfilment and boost your mindset for success mastering your inner drive.