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Scarfforce - Culture Scan What drives us as an organisation?

The Culture Scan provides direct insight into the motivational drivers and values of the entire organisation (as a whole), every department and each individual team member.

The user-friendly overview helps to analyse the current working culture and provides actionable insights to improve the internal collaboration, to resolve and avoid emotional conflicts, predict future behaviours, reduce short term sickness absence, lower employee turnover and retain talent.

About the Culture Scan

Analysing the current working culture by retrieving the organisation’s leading motivational drivers and its values 

It is impossible for senior management to determine its working culture. In the end, every company is its people. Therefore, assessing and accumulating the shared believes and values of every employee working in the organization and retrieving the motivational drivers provides valuable insight into the current organizational culture.

There are many ways to describe an organizational culture. The most commonly used model is the four box culture model created by Cameron & Quinn. This model identifies four possible culture types that can exist within an organization:

  • Clan Culture
  • Adhocracy Culture
  • Hierarchical Culture
  • Market Culture

As the Culture Scan helps you to assess the values that are associated most strongly with the current working culture, categorizing these values helps to reveal the dominant motivational drivers of the organisation, and to analyse its current working culture.

For example:

  • A Clan Culture will score high on the social drivers ‘Relatedness’ and ‘Personal Growth’
  • An Adhocracy Culture will score high on the social drivers ‘Personal Growth’ and ‘Independence’
  • A ‘Hierarchical Culture’ will score high on the social drivers ‘Status’ and ‘Certainty’
  • A ‘Market Culture’ will score high on the social drivers ‘Status’ and ‘Personal Growth’

Valuable insights that enable you to:

  • Clarify why an organization and its employees react, behave and perform as they do
  • Resolve and avoid emotional conflicts
  • Improve internal collaboration
  • Create the desired working culture
  • Retain talent and lower employee turnover
  • Minimize short-term absences.

About the Culture Scan

Direct insight into the motivational drivers and values that are dominant within the organization 

Scarfforce_Culture scan

The Culture Scan provides answers to questions such as: 

  • What drives us and makes us tick as an organisation?
  • What do we long for deep down inside when we fulfil our role and collaborate with each other?
  • Which values and fundamental beliefs govern our behavior?
  • Which situations fulfil us the most and motivate us from within to perform and collaborate at our peak ?
  • What situations do the exact opposite?
  • Which behaviors are logical to expect from us as individuals, team, department and/or organisation based on what drives us?
  • And what is not?
  • How does this affect our working culture?
  • Which behaviors are logical for us to expect based on what drives us?
  • What desired behaviors are not logical to expect and need to be stimulated actively?
  • Which logical behaviors are undesirable and need to be discouraged?
  • Which leadership style fits our team, department and/or organisation best?
  • What should be paid extra attention to when attracting new employees?
  • To what extent does the current situation fulfil the strongest motivational drivers and underlying emotional needs of our people? 
  • How does this effect their intrinsic motivaton to fulfil their role and perform/collaborate at their peak?
  • How does this affect the short-term absence and employee turn-over? 



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