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Align the motivational drivers of job seekers with and the ambitions of employers

How do you ensure you select the right person for the right job and that he or she will feel at home, perform well and stay with their new employer for a long time?

Knowledge and experience are still often overrated in a selection process. In terms of suitability, it has been proven that age, length of education and prior working experience are inaccurate predictors of success. Fortunately, there is a alternative; matching based on motivational drivers.

Research shows that employees are happier, perform better (+30%), achieve more and stay longer with the same employer if the role they fulfil and the key duties they perform not only serve to achieve the organizational goals, but also help to achieve their own goals and personal ambitions. 

Exploring and assessing a candidate’s motivational drivers however is timely and therefore costly event, as it requires the recruiter to invest valuable time into getting to know the candidate and what makes them Tick them deep down inside – and often subconsciously. Candidates who may seem a perfect match at first hand based on their CV and motivation letter, often appear not to be the ‘type’ a recruiter is searching for when meeting them in real life. 

My.Scarfforce is a innovative recruitment tool that is designed to help recruiters:

  • Save valuable time, efforts and budget assessing the motivational drivers of their candidates
  • Align their strongest motivational drivers with the ambition and practical needs of employers
  • To create a sustainable match and deliver a high quality solution
  • Increase the self-knowledge and thus the candidate-exeperience of their candidates
  • Provide valuable input to the future employer of the candidates they serve drafting a personal development plan for their new employee

Save valuable time and budget pre-screening candidates. And empower the choices you normally make based on your gut feeling with concrete insight into the motivational drivers of the candidate.

Scarfforce_Teammanagement_Vergroot de kennis

1. Assess your the motivational drivers of yoour candidates

  • See at a glance what makes your candidates Tick in their work
  • Discover their strongest emotional needs and inner desires
  • Reveal what they need most in their work and from others to experience true fulfilment, and to be motivated intrinsically to perform and collaborate at their peak
Scarfforce_Teammanagement en Retentie_Analyseer de siatuatie

2. Analyse the current situation

  • Which values does he or she need to be able to live by in his or her new job and/or role?
  • Which motivational drivers and underlying emotional needs need to be fulfilled?
Scarfforce_Teammanagement en Retentie_Voorspellen

3. Predict the suitability of your candidates for potential jobs

  • Make accurate predictions about the suitability of your caniddates for potential jobs you have in mind for them, and the extent to which this new job, role and key duties enable your candidates to live by their most important values and fulfil their strongest motivational drivers.
Scarfforce_Teammanagement en Retentie_Overleg

4. Explore your options

Verify whether the new job, role and/or key duties you have in mind for your candidate match with his or her strongest motivational drivers and most important values:

  • Which values will he or she be able to live by?
  • Which motivational drivers will be fulfilled?
  • Which emotional needs remain unfilfilled?
  • How will this affect the fulfilment he or she will experience in this new role or position, as well as his or her intrinsic motivation to perform at his or her peak?
  • Based on this, how likely is it that he or she will be successful in this new role or position?
    Scarfforce_Teammanagement en Retentie_Manage

    5. Action!

    Use the overview of your candidate’s strongest motivational drivers and most important values as a blueprint and a concrete checklist to help him or her find a new job, position, or role that will make him or her truly and structurally happy and successful, because it fulfils his or her inner drive and strongest emotional needs.



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